Tinting and Lashes

Eyebrow Tint £8.50

Eyelash Tint £10.50

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint £15

Brows by Definition £20
This includes an Eyebrow shape, wax and tint and we also tint the skin to fill in any bare patches and give more definition and shape to the eyebrows


We offer three types of Lash treatments as Betty Boo's depending on the look you desire.

Weekend Lashes £10
lashes that go on quickly for a full, voluminous look that lasts between 2 -7 days

Wink Wink Mascara £20
Is a semi-permanent mascara that lasts up to two weeks and is waterproof and smudgeproof. Imagine not having to apply mascara everyday for two weeks! Removal is recommended after two weeks and is included in the price.
Lash Express £25
These are individual lashes that last up to two weeks and can be built up to give you a thick, voluminous look. you can deceide on how long and thick you want your lashes to look. Removal is recommended after two weeks and is included in the price.
Hollywood Lashes £50
These are a high quality lash that last up to three months and give you length and thickness, although a more natural look than the Lash express.
The lashes, which are hand made, have a soft curl helping to create a fuller longer look whilst giving definition and transforming the eyes.
Lashes are available in various lengths, colours and thicknesses. The lashes are weatherproof, weightless, waterproof, and flexible and can be worn during showering, sleeping and swimming. Infills are recommended every 2 weeks to keep them looking thick and full.
Infills from £20 
Recommended every 2-3 weeks.

Removal of Hollywood lashes £15

After Care Kit (optional) £18
Includes the Hollywood Lashes water based Mascara, a brush for your lashes and water-based eye make-up remover.
Volume Up Water-based Mascara £12

LVL Lashes £50
Taking the beauty industry by storm and transforming your lashes by giving them length, volume and lift‎. This relaxing treatment doesn't add anything artificial to the lash and can last between 6-8 weeks! Skin patch test required 48hrs prior to treatment. 

Lash in fills £2 per lash recommended  every 2 weeks 

Remove infills from £20