Eve Taylor Facials

“Every person’s skin deserves extra special care.”

That’s Eve Taylor’s philosophy, and one that we share. Facial’s benefit everyone, whether it’s for an occasional treat or a regular part of your skincare regime. They give a welcome boost to all types of skin with benefits that include:

  •          Delaying the signs of aging
  •          Clarifying oily skin
  •          Rehydrating dry or mature skin
  •          Bringing radiance to tired, dull skin
  •          Soothing sensitive skin
  •          Helping to maintain elasticity
  •          Encouraging cell renewal

We at Betty Boo’s – and Hello magazine- recommends Eve Taylor professional skincare products for leaving skin looking and feeling fabulous. Following a consultation and detailed skin analysis, we tailor each facial to your skin’s individual needs.

Eve Taylor- regarded as the pioneer of modern aromatherapy by skincare therapists worldwide- launched her first skincare line in 1968. She continues to develop products containing natural essential oils and no mineral oil, lanolin or artificial fragrance.

Eve Taylor Mini Facial        30mins              £27.50

Relax whilst we introduce you to Eve Taylor with a mini facial. Includes a skin analysis and specially selected cleanser, toner, mask and moisturiser.

Eve Taylor Signature Facial    60mins          £44

Unwind, and treat your skin at the same time! A double deep cleanse removes impurities, followed with toner, and a non-abrasive exfoliation. Enjoy an indulgent facial massage and a luxurious mask followed by your recommended moisturiser.