Eve Taylor Facials

“Every person’s skin deserves extra special care.”

That’s Eve Taylor’s philosophy, and one that we share. Facial’s benefit everyone, whether it’s for an occasional treat or a regular part of your skincare regime. They give a welcome boost to all types of skin with benefits that include:

  •          Delaying the signs of aging
  •          Clarifying oily skin
  •          Rehydrating dry or mature skin
  •          Bringing radiance to tired, dull skin
  •          Soothing sensitive skin
  •          Helping to maintain elasticity
  •          Encouraging cell renewal

We at Betty Boo’s – and Hello magazine- recommends Eve Taylor professional skincare products for leaving skin looking and feeling fabulous. Following a consultation and detailed skin analysis, we tailor each facial to your skin’s individual needs.

Eve Taylor- regarded as the pioneer of modern aromatherapy by skincare therapists worldwide- launched her first skincare line in 1968. She continues to develop products containing natural essential oils and no mineral oil, lanolin or artificial fragrance.

Eve Taylor Mini Facial        30mins              £20

Relax whilst we introduce you to Eve Taylor with a mini facial. Includes a skin analysis and specially selected cleanser, toner, mask and moisturiser.

Eve Taylor Signature Facial    60mins          £30

Unwind, and treat your skin at the same time! A double deep cleanse removes impurities, followed with toner, and a non-abrasive exfoliation. Enjoy an indulgent facial massage and a luxurious mask followed by your recommended moisturiser.

Eve Taylor Luxury facial          75mins          £40

The ultimate Eve Taylor experience. A relaxing upper back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a prescriptive facial tailored to your skin type, featuring a specially selected mask to target specific skin conditions. Clarify, rehydrate, brighten or fight the signs of aging. A double deep cleanse removes impurities, followed with a toner then a non-abrasive exfoliation. Enjoy an indulgent facial massage with specially blended oils to suit your skins needs. Your mask is followed by  your recommended moisturiser.

Maintain the benefits of your Eve Taylor facial with skincare you can use at home! The best products will be explained to you during your treatment, and if you would like some of your own, let us know.